Hello Future, Nice To Meet You

“An old man, he is definitely at least sixty in spirit.” The response you would get from almost anyone when asking “How would you describe Michel?”.

I have been obsessed with reading from a young age. As soon as I was able to read I was always excited to discover new books. It started out with my father reading “The Boxcar Children” books aloud to me before bed, almost every night another chapter (or two as I would most certainly demand just one more). My father was the one that really got me to love reading. He gave me a copy of “The Hobbit” a few years earlier than I was really able to enjoy and understand it. None the less I read that book cover to cover as fast as my young eyes would allow me, and quickly moved on to the “Lord of The Rings” series which did indeed prove to be way too much for me (I gave up and never looked back, 1.5 books into the series). However it gave me an appreciation (and obsession) for books that would continue up to the present. I am always hunting for the next novel or series to keep me turning pages and hoping there are more like it.

Last night I finally made an important decision that I had been fighting for many years, reluctant and down right stubbornly refusing to accept. However the time has come, I, Michel W. Loranger am going to buy an eReader and start purchasing digital copies of books. Please put down your pitchforks, do not storm my castle doors just yet as I would like to explain my decision to you. I love physical copies of books; there is so much to enjoy in the simple act of holding a book. The texture of the cover, whether new and sleek, or old and worn from the pages being turned countless times. The smell of the pages hold so many memories for me, from libraries and book sales. Sometimes I just sit and stare at my collection of books, admiring them all placed sometimes neatly and other times strewn across my floor. I often find make shift bookmarks in the middle of books I have not picked up in months, only to drop whatever I am currently reading and continue on from where I left off in the older choice. It is safe to say that I love books, being able to share stories with people in that way. Lending a book is an incredibly satisfying thing, when a friend or coworker returns to you either loving or hating the choice you said they might enjoy.

An eReader however just seems….more practical. The ability to carry an entire collection of books with me wherever I go, and purchase new books on the fly is an offer I can no longer resist. Do not get me wrong about my hard copies of books, I will still occasionally purchase them when I find something cool in a used book store. I also plan on owning the entire Kurt Vonnegut collection to keep forever on my shelf, so there will always be room in my home for real books. However I have finally come to the realization that it may just be easier for me, especially considering I have lost count of how many times I have moved so far in life. The thought of having to once more pack up an ever-expanding collection of heavy books into several boxes is not exactly something I look forward to anymore. I want to be able to bring my collection wherever I am, and on a whim decide to re-read the entire harry potter collection while on vacation despite not bringing any with me.

The very idea that I could have thousands of books occupying the same space as a small magazine in my apartment becomes more and more appealing by the minute. I think that the time has finally come for me to welcome this future rather than run from it. I already live in a strange paradox of using a laptop and smart phone, yet sometimes insist on writing with a pencil in a notepad. Sometimes I use itunes for music and others I actually buy vinyl records. I think that what I most enjoy is the simple fact that I have choices now, when I am busy and on the move I can grab an eReader and iPod and be on my way with music and books to entertain me for days.

There will always be a special place in my heart for hard copies of books, but I also look forward to this new and scary digital world and all it has to offer. I suppose this is apart of a bigger topic in general, newspapers are becoming a thing of the past, books/music/movies all becoming digital. I am excited to see what the future brings, and I might choose to discuss this vague topic more in-depth in the future.


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