Life Finds A Way

Hello dear readers,

I felt the need to address the fact that I have not been keeping up with my own schedule here, every week I hope to post two pieces. Granted I have a very small following so far but I value everyone that takes the time to read my work, and wanted to touch base to say that more stories are on the way. I am thankful to have people viewing this site every day now, and look forward to giving you all more to read. Perhaps I will have to alter my schedule and allow myself a bit more room, posting twice a week may have been a bit ambitious for a developing writer such as myself. That said I will still do my best and find a way to keep the stories coming. Occasionally life may find  a way to derail my thought process whether that is with other work or my personal life, but writing is my safe haven and I will always return. I am really looking forward to continuing the project now called “She Will Save Us”, and have even begun to consider taking that and other short works and self publishing a dozen or so copies to give away for free. If anyone is interested in such a thing, stay tuned or get ahold of me!

Thank you all,


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