Part 4: Getting Shot Hurts (No, Seriously)

I could not hear anything except the ringing in my ears, but I damn sure felt the pain from the exit would in my shoulder as blood poured down my arm.

It had been one week since I set that building ablaze, I figured that enough time had passed for me to head back into that area and do some more damage to the operation. I was avoiding the area until the attention died down a little, way too many police and drug dealers alike were patrolling day and night.

When I was a little girl imagining what I would be when I grew up, there were so many options. President, lawyer, marine biologist, fire fighter, anything was possible. I wasn’t necessarily going to be rich but I damn sure was going to make a difference in the world. I studied for hours on end every night, I never got less than a ninety-eight percent on an exam in high school. I thought I was invincible, turns out I was wrong. My SAT scores were…well let’s just say I may have freaked out a bit and gotten a number much lower than I deserved which meant one thing, I wasn’t going to law school or any top university to become a marine biologist. Where I was going was a community college a fifteen minute drive from my apartment, that I managed to scrape by and pay for working nights at a little mom and pop cafe a few doors down from me. All in all life was not that bad really, I had an OK apartment and a job working for two of the nicest people I have ever met. They treated me like family which was pretty new for me…but I’ll get into that more later. Right now I need to finish explaining how I ended up on that roof. Honestly I never thought I would be having a standoff on top of a sky rise building with an armed drug lord, hell I never even really thought I would be in a fist fight.

It was my actually my first night out since the fire and I was feeling good, I felt invincible actually. I had clearly sent a message to these people, I saw a lot of new faces and more guards around. And yet they were still sloppy, it only took me about an hour to figure out which building the stash was in. It was in the centre of the complex, no guards but a lot of people nearby that would no doubt spot me trying to get in. I was going to have to be a little bit smarter this time if I wanted to make an impact once again. So I changed from the usual outfit and into my grime covered addict outfit, I wandered around the courtyard for an hour or so making sure to keep away from the place I wanted to be. I needed to see if anyone was patrolling around or keeping eyes on the door. After almost two hours I was feeling confident and decided my moment had arrived, I wandered slowly over towards the building. No one seemed to take notice of me, especially because there was another person laying asleep under an old blanket a few feet from the door. I know what you’re thinking, check who is under the blanket you stupid girl. I now look back and think the same damn thing.

I could not see anything when I first entered the room, it was dark and all the windows were covered up. It did not click right away that every other building the windows let in light, and for some reason this building had covers over the windows. Just as I started fumbling around in my pocket for a flash light, the entire room flooded with light. I fell back against the not a door…a person, shit. Before I knew it three large men descended on me with a blindfold and a rag that I now know could only have had chloroform (or some version of it) soaked into it. I woke up to a strong cold wind on my face, I slowly rose to my feet and checked myself over for signs of injury and sighed with relief as I found none. And that is when the gun went off.

I could not breathe as I stumbled backwards and fell against the ledge of the roof, he approached me with a sickening grin on his face. I was nothing to him right now, a child that had gotten in his way and a mere inconvenience at best. He bent down and patted me on the head, “It was a nice try, surprising to say the least. When I heard that someone was driving my people out of their territory I had imagined a rival operation, maybe an ex-soldier trying to prove he was still useful to society. If someone had told me that it was going to be a waitress dressed pretending she can make a difference, I would have laughed.” I could barely summon the strength to move, but I managed enough to spit a mouth full of blood into his eye. He wiped it away with a handkerchief, which he then folded neatly and put into his pocket as I eyed it. “Oh this? Thought I might drop it or leave it with you, so that some lab can point it’s finger at me and waste my money in a court room trying to stick a charge? Haha, think again girlie. I’ve grown tired of this conversation, you’re not much for the art of discourse are you?” He stood up slowly and pointed his gun at my temple, I closed my eyes and waited for the sound to ring out again but it never came. I opened my eyes slowly as he peered down at me, but he wasn’t laughing anymore. He looked curiously from me up to the ledge and then it hit me, he wasn’t going to shoot me. He was going to let me fall to my death, so I could experience the terror for as long as possible without a chance of rescue. I struggled as much as I could as he lifted me up and draped my body over the edge, he opened his mouth to say something but then paused and shook his head at me. He smirked as he spat in my eye, then without thinking twice he let go.

I mentioned it before, but falling forty-five stories is not the most pleasant experience. As soon as he let go I couldn’t do anything but scream for the first few seconds, I knew the ground was coming fast and I had very little time to come up with a plan. My first plan was to scream my lungs out until I hit the ground, I moved past that onto plan two pretty quickly. I tried to see if there was anything to grab onto as I fell past each floor until I saw a ledge wide enough that I could grab onto it. I readied myself as it approached, “deep breath, just like in the movies” I threw my weight to one side and reached out with my healthy arm and managed to catch the ledge. What they don’t tell you is that it is much more likely that your shoulder is just going to be ripped out of its socket and you will continue to fall with a dislocated shoulder. The life of a hero is not an easy one, I can tell you that much.


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